L.E.A.P Technology

A revolutionary Technology for your well-being

How It Works

Unlike other filters on the market, BRID doesn’t physically trap pollutants but breaks them down into harmless particles. This allows BRID to get rid of harmful substances regardless of their size. Mechanical filters like HEPA collects dangerous substances with the risk of releasing them in the air you breath when they get over saturated. Our L.E.A.P. technology doesn’t merely trap pollutants and bacteria, it ‘vaporizes’ them.

Proven Results

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Washable Filter

BRID becomes a Carbon-Monoxide detector

With our optional CO Guardian module, you can always monitor the concentration of Carbon Monoxide in your environment through BRID’s App. A smart alarm will warn you if the level of CO exceedes a dangerous limit.

3 Modalità di purificazione

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