BRID Updates: New Certifications, Tests, Stretch Goals & More

BRID Updates: New Certifications, Tests, Stretch Goals & More

This is quite a hefty update in terms of progress, but we'll try to keep it as short as possible. All is great and so far it's been super smooth sailing. Take a look at BRID's campaign here.


Formaldehyde Test: Yet Another Great Result for BRID!

We've tested BRID's core module against formaldehyde and the results are truly impressive, as it got rid of the nasty chemical compound at a rate of 82%+ on the very first cycle! That proves, once again, how powerful our patented nano ceramic module really is. As we progress, we'll run more tests and keep you posted, but this is another one in a list that is getting longer and longer and results, so far are always as expected and sometimes even better. Let's not forget that BRID is the first and only photocatalytic air purifier that uses visible light instead of UV light, with all the positive consequences that come with it.


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BRID's Module Has Been Granted Another Patent

As of last week BRID's core ceramic module has been officially granted yet another scientific patent (the 4th official one). Patent number (IT) 102017000050577 will be an industrial secret for a year and then it will be publicly released. In addition to the four honeycomb / nanotech specific patents, we're also in the process of filing multiple patent applications for some of the technical solutions, which are completely original.



In the next couple of weeks we have meetings with an agency for CE and TUV certifications, as well as the ones needed for all the countries we ship to (And more). Many of BRID's components are already certified, such as the PCB board, which is also Apple Homekit Certified.



We finalized all the technical upgrades that make BRID a small marvel of engineering. At this point we believe we thought of just about every minute detail making BRID as perfect as it can be. We just prototyped a brand new safety locking mechanism for BRID's modules (You can see it in an image below) and we think that was really the last of the intelligent design updates we could think of. The commitment to the project of a 'Genius' with an impressive background product development for brands such as: Technogym, Yamaha, Suomy, etc. Took BRID's technical solutions to another level. A number of them will undergo a patent process before delivery.

We should start working on the 1st of quite a few molds in the next 2 to 3 weeks. All molds should ready for production around November. The supplier has been identified, vetted and chosen among a list of over 10 different ones. He's well known and has decades of experience with high end products. We discarded any sort of cheap shortcut and went for the best we could find. We want BRID to be exceptional.




We have a ready supply, already produced and stocked of more than 1500 Nano Ceramic Honeycombs (Filters). We're going to increase production in the coming months and no delay whatsoever is expected.



Thanks to the help of a couple of backers we've identified the 'Ferrari' of PCBs. We met with the distributor, signed a deal, have the developement kit and we're already working hard on it. Once again, not the cheapest solution, but the one that we consider the best. The PCB is also Apple Homekit Cert. It's a really exciting progress and what's even more exciting is the spontaneous collaboration with qualified backers. They had some great suggestions. We're not naming names for privacy reasons, but D. you know who you are and we're immensely grateful, this is why this community is great in so many ways.



Yes, it's also about the box! We have a couple of suppliers that can guarantee a packaging that is 100% recyclable. Our goal is to make one that you'll want to keep and use, after unboxing BRID. Since details matter, this is another one we've been working on.

That's all for now. Hopefully we have not been that boring. Thanks to all of you for the support and for making BRID better than we could have even imagined. We learned from backers on daily basis. Pre-order your BRID today.

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