How to get rid of Cat Litter Smell

How to get rid of Cat Litter Smell
Cats naturally clean animals and they don’t need frequents baths. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about their litter boxes. The smell of cat urine and feces can be overpowering and the smell of a dirty litter box can ruin the whole experience of living with a cat. Litter box odor is one of the most common reasons for people not to get a cat, especially if they live in small apartments. It is possible, though, to stop cat litter smell. Here are our cat litter smell hacks:

1. Constant cleaning

That’s right, you should scoop the box at least twice a day. Scooping frequently is fundamental to prevent your cat from urinating on your floor or carpet, and it also helps to keep your apartment free of unpleasant smell. Remember, your cat love cleanliness! He will not use a smelly litter box. Daily cleaning is not enough. Once a week, you should empty the box and wash it thoroughly with unscented disinfectant.

2. Choose the right litter

Clumping litter forms balls when it comes into contact with urine and it ensures that these balls of urine can be easily removed. Stay away from scented litter or odor eliminating litter: they use perfume or other additives to cover the smell which can be overwhelming to cats and they just won’t use it. When it comes to litter, however, experimenting is fundamental. Cats are picky and can be particular about which litter they will use.

3. Change your cat’s diet

Cat’s diet plays a huge role in the smell of the litter box. A raw meat diet is the best diet if you are looking for cat food that reduces feces odor. Remember: cat are carnivores, not omnivores. Feeding them grains is not optimal for their digestion and cheap cat food is often based on corn, wheat or rice. Higher quality food has greater meat and water content and it’s the best option for smell-free poop. Dry food is also to avoid as it makes cat’s urine extremely smelly and you’ll be left with a strong ammonia smell.


4. Baking soda

Adding baking soda in your litter box, by pouring a layer on the bottom of the box every time you change the litter, can be a simple way to fight the smell. As the cat uses the box, he will move the litter and the baking soda will destroy some of the odor. Baking soda is non-toxic and won’t harm your cat.

5. Air purifier for cat litter smell

An air purifier can be the best way to fight cat litter smell. Mechanical filters such as HEPA do not remove odors so make sure to choose the right Air purifier. Photocatalytic Air Purifiers such as BRID do a great job removing the gasses that cause odors and they will get rid of the smell of your cat’s litter box. BRID doesn’t need any replacement filters so you won’t even need to add up operational costs like every other purifier on the market. Amazing side effect: your apartment will be less polluted too!

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