One of the Main Causes of Childhood Asthma is Indoor Air Pollution

One of the Main Causes of Childhood Asthma is Indoor Air Pollution
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Indoor Air is actually More Polluted than Outdoor Air, and can Cause Asthma

There is a common myth about air pollution: even if you live in a polluted city, indoor air is more harmful for humans than outdoor air! Most of recent studies about pollutants have reached this conclusion and most of the common pollutants create harmful effects to our lungs, heart, blood, and even neurological health.

From dust to carbon monoxide, from mercury to formaldehyde, our houses are invaded by strong pollutants that may damage our body and mind. In the U.S. most people live 90% of their life indoors, at home, in the office, and at school, breathing in all these particles with relevant risks to their health.

The people most affected by pollutants are our children.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention had reported that children are often affected by asthma due to indoor pollutants. Child asthma is the leading cause of school absenteeism in the United States, causing the loss of a total of more than 14 million school days each year for chronic illness!

Asthma can be extrinsic - which means allergic - or intrinsic which means non allergic. Both types of illnesses are related to biological and chemical pollutants found inside our homes. Continuous exposure leads to one of the two, or even both, while children who don’t live in polluted conditions are rarely affected by this. Most of us can’t spend time outside, even less people can rest in a natural environment, so the solution to this problem is to change the air from the inside of our homes. Even if the best solution is to take a holiday in the mountains, that is not always possible. What we can do is clean the indoor air of our apartments, homes and work spaces. Our children should practice outdoor sports regularly, but when that is not possible they should breathe the best quality air they can afford.

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The amount of PM's cleaned by a BRID Air Purifier in four hours.

If you still don’t know how to clean the air you live in, the solution is certainly an air purifier. A healthy home is the best way to live a healthy life, reducing the risks of allergies and respiratory diseases! That’s why we created BRID Air Purifier, an innovative technology that cleans indoor air from pollutants. It reduces Carbon Monoxide, NOx, PMs, and VOCs in your house, cleaning even the excess of formaldehyde and getting rid of dust mites (one of the biggest cause of Asthma), Pet Danders, and a whole army of bacteria!

While hoping that the world can one day be clean again from pollutants, we can start cleaning the air we live in. Let’s offer a brighter (and cleaner) future to our kids!

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